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★ Web design, graphics design, DTP, company profile

What? How?

Dobodesign provides personalized internet-based solutions from small websites to complex web stores including the creation of the company profile and other artowrks.

Hire Dobodesign if you are not satisfied with your current website or if you do not have one yet.

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    Website redesign with Craft CMS

  • Velez Alekszandra

    Velez Alekszandra


  • Zsuzsanna Császár

    Zsuzsanna Császár


  • SEO Search engine friendly design
  • Consultation Help with the design and content creation
  • XHTML/CSS web design Clean, valid source code
  • CMS Use of our own and other content management systems
  • Graphics design Logo design, illustrations, website design
  • Company profile Creation of new company profile and other artworks

Proven method


Get to know each other so that we can deliver a personalyized solution.

Guided design

We keep close contact throuought the creation of your new website, this way we create a personalized plan. You check we revise until it fits your requirements.


A working system emerges from the proven design plan (According to web standards, clean and useful).

Testing and start

Hurray! We deliver the ready made material or help you get set it up. Both party happy.